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Equipping students for a life of faith & learning

Western Mennonite School
Equipping students for a life of faith & learning

Employee Directory

Western Mennonite Administration

Al Stefan Principal  E-mail
rich-martin Rich Martin Director of Advancement & Admissions E-mail

 Western Mennonite Office Staff

Emily Fahndrich Executive Assistant  E-mail
sheila-fahndrich  Sheila Fahndrich  Student Services  E-mail
mike-hopper Mike Hopper Support Staff E-mail
Schultz, Charlene  Charlene Schultz  Alumni Relations Coordinator  E-mail
Ivantisky, Caleb  Caleb Ivanitsky Director of Marketing & Communications  E-mail
doug-vanleerdam Doug VanLeerdam Business Office  E-mail

 Western Mennonite Faculty

diana-blackstone-helt Diana Blackstone-Helt HS English (Department Head)

Academic Support Coordinator

Diana’s professional blog

dave-chambers Dave Chambers Registrar

Academic Advisor

Mini-Term Coordinator

sean-chambers Sean Chambers MS Math E-mail
denise-de-groot Denise DeGroot HS Social Studies E-mail
joshua-brumfield Joshua Brumfield HS/MS Choir E-mail 
caroline-harris Caroline Harris MS Language Arts  E-mail
gary-hull Gary Hull  

HS Athletic Director


judy-hull Judy Hull College & Carreer Advisor

Math & Career Ed

dottie-kamilos Dottie Kamilos Librarian

Media Specialist

geofferey-martin Geoffrey Martin HS Social Studies E-mail
sandi-martin Sandi Martin HS/MS Science E-mail
ray-nussbaum Ray Nussbaum HS Technology

IT Director

Woodard, Chris Chris Woodard MS Athletic Director

MS Bible


Western Mennonite Academic Support

laura-gunther Laura Gunther Academic Support  E-mail

Western Mennonite Facilities

howard-mcbride Howard McBride Facilities Director E-mail
will-cotton Will Cotton Facilities Assistant

Transportation Coordinator

vera-shevchenko Vera Shevchenko Custodian
luba-miroshnichenko Lyubov Miroshnichenko Custodian

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