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Equipping students for a life of faith & learning

Western Mennonite School
Equipping students for a life of faith & learning

Mission Statement

Western Mennonite School equips students for a life of faith and learning by providing a Christ-centered educational experience highlighted by four key distinctives: academic excellence, nurturing community, enrichment opportunities, peace building & service.

Academic Excellence

  • Teach the Bible as the inspired word of God, upholding an Anabaptist interpretation
  • Offer college/university preparatory, technological, practical arts, and fine arts courses
  • Prepare for a lifetime of learning by challenging students to develop analytical and critical thinking skills
  • Commit to help each student reach individual academic goals
  • Promote the value and contributions of all peoples and cultures in the classroom

Nurturing Community

  • Provide a holistic education focusing on the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical development and wellness of each student
  • Encourage, mentor, and disciple students to develop a personal relationship with Christ, recognizing the presence of the Spirit in daily life exemplified through gratitude, service, and stewardship
  • Encourage active participation within the school, church, and global community by helping students and families to form relationships of accountability and respect within our diverse community

Enrichment Opportunities

  • Provide opportunities for students to develop gifts and interests in athletics, art, drama, and music
  • Offer off-campus educational and exploratory experiences
  • Encourage development of life-long relationships among students and faculty/staff through worship, weekly small groups, and community activities
  • Establish connections to broader church institutions and agencies

Peace Building & Service

  • Model and teach the way of Christ in dealing with life issues, conflicts, and reconciliation
  • Provide opportunities for students to lead, serve, and share their faith journey within the school, church, and global community
  • Assist students in identifying and developing personal spiritual gifts and abilities
  • Promote an awareness and understanding of God’s creation by focusing on the care and stewardship of the earth

WMS is a member of Mennonite Schools Council (MSC) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), and is accredited through AdvancED/Mennonite Education Agency (MEA).

Adopted: 5/23/2002
Revised: 3/30/2016