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Equipping students for a life of faith & learning

Alumni Basketball Tournament



Thank you to those who completed the interest survey, your input helped us finalize details for the 2016 Alumni Basketball Tournament!

To celebrate the Tournament’s relaunch, admission will be free for all that want to come watch. Also entry into the 3 point competition, free throw competition, and game of bump will be free for anyone wanting to participate!

Date: Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Time: Games will begin at 4:30 p.m.

Format: 5v5 Full Court


UPDATE: While there are not enough players to create a women’s division, we will be reserving a court for some ladies only games! When you register just mark that you are interested in a women’s only game.

Participating Alumni

* = Women’s Only Game

Scott E ’84

Doug N ’84

Chad R ’89

Billy M ’89

Sabino A ’89

Tony M ’91

Ron K ’91

Ryan R ’93

Ryan N ’93

Eric B ’93

Scott  S ’96

Ale I ’97

Eric I ’99

Ben B ’00

Darren S ’00

Jon  L ’00

Chad A ’03

Kyle M ’03

Ryan S ’03

Anna V ’05

Jesse H ’06

Caleb I ’06

Brady M ’07

*Ellie B ’07

Andrew P ’09

Brad H ’10

Tayler B ’10

Logan M ’11

Pierre Z ’11

Logan G ’11

August P ’11

Eddie P ’11

Zach S ’11

* Emily F ’11

Kelli C ’12

Sam G ’12

Bryan H ’12

Isaac H ’12

Alec H ’12

Tayler N ’12

Tyler R ’12

Victor H ’14

Hervé M ’14

Isaiah P ’14

Jon S ’14

Oliver W ’14

Sam A ’15

*Emily A ’15

Jacob D  ’15

*Elyssa F ’15

Alex M ’15

Trevor O ’15

Wyatt R ’15

Update Your Team Roster Heare

Roster Update

Team Captains can update their roster for the Alumni Tournament here!
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