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Equipping students for a life of faith & learning

Western Mennonite School
Equipping students for a life of faith & learning



“Once a Pioneer, always a Pioneer!”

Thank you for being part of the WMS family! It is our vision to provide a complete educational experience that meets and exceeds your expectations. When your student moves on from Western we pray and trust that they are equipped for lives of faith and learning. While we understand circumstances sometime take students and families elsewhere, we also recognize that many of our families have faithfully committed their resources to providing a Christ-centered education for their child. With this in mind we have asked ourselves “why question our committed families year after year if they intend to enroll again?” WMS isn’t going away, and we hope that you don’t either! Unless notified otherwise,  your student will now automatically be enrolled for the 2017-2018 school year on APRIL 1!

We are honored to serve your student at Western Mennonite School, and hope that your child grows in faith and wisdom while receiving a rich, Christian education during their time as a Pioneer.

The $50 early bird re-enrollment fee will be added to your April bill.

If your April bill is not paid in full the regular $100 re-enrollment fee will be reflected on your May bill. 

Don’t forget the opportunity for your $400 referral credit!

Pro Tip: Invite someone to our upcoming Visitors Day or Open House on March 22!

DON'T BILL ME, my student is not returning!

Unenrollment Form

We are sad to see you go, please fill out the following information to begin the unenrollment process.
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Need Financial Aid?

If you anticipate needing to apply for financial aid please apply through FAST (CLICK HERE). You can complete and save your application so it is ready to submit when WMS starts reviewing applications on a first come first serve basis on APRIL 1!

Learn more about the FAST process by watching this video:


As we look ahead to next year’s enrollment numbers, it is essential that we know who intends to return so we can plan appropriate class loads for our teachers as well as scheduling events for next year.  As students are looking forward to spring activities, administrators are planning for next school year.  Your prompt response enables us to serve your student’s best interest by offering appropriate staffing and curriculum development.


If you have any questions regarding next year please do not hesitate to contact one of following people:

Chad Rush – Principal crush@westernmennoniteschool.org

Deborah Louthan – Admissions Coordinatordlouthan@westernmennoniteschool.org

Reneé Winters – Accounts Receivablerwinters@westernmennoniteschool.org