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Equipping students for a life of faith & learning

Western Mennonite School
Equipping students for a life of faith & learning


Thank you for choosing Western Mennonite School as the Christ-centered academic resource for your student! We recognize this choice as a compliment to your trust and confidence in our teachers and staff. We also understand that private school tuition is often a step of faith as you experience the financial burden of providing your student with this education.

You play a crucial role in the success and health of our school, and we want to acknowledge the significant impact you have in your communities.  In an effort to better equip you as effective ambassadors on behalf of WMS, we are instituting a new referral program. This program will provide the necessary tools, and reward you for your efforts!  For every new student you refer to WMS, you will receive up to $400 in tuition credit!


Promote enrollment to WMS among your spheres of influence (family, friends, church, business, sports teams, etc..) The following are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Invite a family to our next Visitors Day or Open House.
  • Bring a friend to a sports game (Contact our Admissions Department for some free passes).
  • Invite a friend to see a drama or music performance.
  • Provide the Admissions Department with the contact information of the prospective family (with permission please), and we’ll do the work!
  • Put a WMS sign in your lawn.
  • Distribute WMS promotional material at your work or business (See the Marketing Department for handouts).
  • Tag WMS in your positive social media posts.


As you promote WMS to your friends, our hope is that they will then apply for admissions! Referred family must indicate your influence on their decision to attend WMS during their application process. New families will have the opportunity to credit up to two families as referring them to WMS.


Upon acceptance and confirmation that both parties are in good standing, you receive up to $400 in tuition credit PER NEW STUDENT!

Terms and Conditions

  • New student is defined as a student who has never been enrolled or had a sibling enrolled at WMS.
  • Referring family is defined as an established WMS family currently enrolled at the school.
  • Good financial standing is defined as the family’s account as paid up and current.
  • The referral relationship shall be established by the new family providing the name of the referring family when applying for enrollment at WMS.
    • The new family must identify the referring family on the application.
    • If the new family may credit up to two families for their referral, the tuition credit will be evenly distributed upon approval.
  • Tuition credit will only be awarded to current WMS families when ALL of the following conditions are met:
    • Referring family is in good financial standing.
    • Referred student has been accepted and attended school for two grading periods (18 Weeks).
    • Referred family is in good financial standing.
  • Upon meeting the above requirements, the tuition credit will be applied over the two subsequent semesters.
  • The tuition credit will be pro-rated if the new student is admitted after the first day of school.
  • The tuition credit has no cash value.
  • Families can elect to apply their credit to the Annual Giving Fund.
  • If referring family has already paid tuition in full they may choose to:
    • Apply credit to their student account.
    • Donate credit to the Annual Giving Fund.
  • WMS faculty and staff are not eligible to participate in the referral program.
  • Granting of tuition credit is subject to administrative approval.